Bill Mellett Photography

Using my own life's experiences as the canvas for my work.


Texas Snow

We don’t get snow every year in North Texas and even more rarely in the beginning of December but, we did this year.  We only got about a quarter of an inch of snow and it all but disappeared before noon.  Whereas the natural world up north had been bracing for the winter for a

Airshow 2009!

I went to the 2009 Fort Worth Airshow at Alliance Airport.  I was one of the volunteers working hospitality.  We drove around in golf carts handing out water bottles and boxed lunches to the aircrew that were there.  We got special badges that also allowed us some special access to areas off limits to the


Ever since I started blogging I’ve been waiting to post this photo from a few Halloweens ago.  This is one of my favorite photos. My wife and her friend Leslie went around as witches on their electric scooters handing out candy to kids.  The electric scooters were a little mojo challenged, so they had to

Ohio, USA

I found this wonderful house right by the client that I was visiting about 45 minutes north of Dayton in Sidney, Ohio. I don’t know what moved this person to construct a little tribute to America right there on their front lawn but, I’m glad that they did.

Independence Day

We got invited to a private party at the Lightcatcher Winery for the 4th of July. Everyone brought a covered dish and Caris and Terry provided the venue, drinks and fireworks. We met some really nice folks. The food that everyone brought was really good and Terry must have spent a fortune on fireworks. We


Nothing screams out “North Texas” to me as much as an image of a Longhorn Cattle. These guys weren’t photoshoped other than some color and contrast tweaking and a bit of cropping. For the benefit of those that haven’t seen these type of cattle before, this is what they really look like in real life.