Bill Mellett Photography

Using my own life's experiences as the canvas for my work.



I wanted to post something spooky for Halloween. I took this photo this past summer in Lake George New York. I thought that this silhouette of an old Victorian turret roof and weathervane was kind of spooky looking. I actually shot this in broad daylight. That’s not the moon, it’s actually the sun.

Heavy Lifter

There was a Russian heavy lift aircraft over at Alliance airport in Fort Worth. (AFW)  My office is on the Aliance Airport property and I was lucky that I had my camera with me when I saw this beast on my way into the office. It had just rained leaving the apron wet and the


I taught a class on aerial photography at the Civil Air Patrol’s Southwest Region “Lone Star Emergency Services Academy.” (“LESA”)  The AP class was part of the 2012 Mission Aircrew School.  I graduated from Mission Aircrew School in 2008 and earned my Mission Pilot rating then. Everyone that goes through MAS gets a call sign


Sometimes a photo just grabs me.  That is my definition of a great photo, even if it is one of my own.  I took this one with an iPhone in a diner in Salt Lake City for my other blog, Bill’s Triple-D Restaurant Review.  This is the Blue Plate Diner which is scheduled to be

Let Me Out!

Sometimes inside of a bad or mediocre photo is a good photo begging to be released.  I took the photo above as a reference photo to a place that I want to come back to.  I don’t consider this photo to be great.  It was taken too far away for the focal length, there’s no