Bill Mellett Photography

Using my own life's experiences as the canvas for my work.


I was always the friend/family member in the group with the camera:

I’ve got the old boxes of slides and negative emulsions to prove it and now terabytes of digital files.  With the advent of digital photography, I would share photos of my daughters’ softball and volleyball teams with the other parents using one of the photo printing/sharing web sites available at the time.

I got some unexpected attention which led to some unsolicited paid photo assignments.  I started to treat my photography much more seriously.

Today, I’m happy to be mostly an advanced amateur shooting just for myself and my family.  (At this writing I have a 7+ year family project underway.) I also teach aerial photography for the US Air Force Auxiliary in Texas, the Civil Air Patrol.

I’m still usually the one in the group with the camera out.  People have learned to put up with me over the years.


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