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Changing Face of the New York City Skyline

I was really happy to see the New York City Skyline this morning.  Finally, I got to see the work of reconstructing the tall buildings that will replace the old twin towers.  It represents to me moving on from the tragic events of 9/11.  Somehow, I wanted to see the old skyline brought back and even though I knew that the plans didn’t include that happening. I would have been happy if they did.  So, I’m not sure how I feel about the new face.  I don’t live in NY anymore so this new face does not give me the same old warm and fuzzies like the old skyline did.

My first flight in a general aviation airplane was down the Hudson River literally next to the Trade Center Towers.   I say literally because you actually looked up from the airplane at the top of the buildings.  It is an incredible flight.  You get to look through the rows of buildings when you are lined straight up with the streets.  NY Harbor is always a flurry of activity.  The Staten Island ferries drag racing across the water much faster than you think they should be able to travel.  You look down on aircraft carrier USS Intrepid as you fly by.  We would circle the Statue of Liberty then head back to Ramapo Valley Airport (RVA).

I got to fly this a few times myself years later after I got my license.  I have not flown this route since 2001.  Maybe some day I’ll fly it again.  Maybe not.  I wouldn’t want to spoil my original fascination with this flight.  The magic has lasted this long, why mess with it.