Bill Mellett Photography

Using my own life's experiences as the canvas for my work.


Sometimes a photo just grabs me.  That is my definition of a great photo, even if it is one of my own.  I took this one with an iPhone in a diner in Salt Lake City for my other blog, Bill’s Triple-D Restaurant Review.  This is the Blue Plate Diner which is scheduled to be posted in December.

I just feel like this one captured the diner culture for me.  Like a lot of people, I travel a lot.  I’ve spent a lot of time in diners all over the country.  The arrangement of catchup, salt, pepper, pepper-sauce and big sugar bottle is a sight that is pretty much exactly the same no matter where in the country you are.  These objects are in the shadows which is what you feel like at diners sometimes.

It is kind of lonely.  Again like a lot of people, the time I spend in diners is usually alone.  There are no people in this photo even though there is evidence of people.  The motorcycle parked in the restaurant is unusual.  It doesn’t belong yet it speaks to the point that diners are part of the transient nature of a lot of the people who visit them.  You feel like you could just hop on and make a quick getaway without the bother of walking out to the street or parking lot.