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Using my own life's experiences as the canvas for my work.

Let Me Out!

Sometimes inside of a bad or mediocre photo is a good photo begging to be released.  I took the photo above as a reference photo to a place that I want to come back to.  I don’t consider this photo to be great.  It was taken too far away for the focal length, there’s no real subject and the perspective is off.   But, I think that the location has the potential to be great. 

It is Lake Arrowhead near Wichita Falls, Texas.  When I was flying toward the lake, I thought that it looked pretty cool because I thought that there was a sailboat race going on.  It was early on a weekend, so it seemed possible.  When I got closer, I realized that what I thought were boats were actually oil or gas rigs.  I’d never seen rigs like this except on a much larger scale in the Gulf of Mexico.

I find the white rigs against the blue water and red earth to be interesting.  The very fact that the rigs exist in the water give a sense of depth and perspective if anything else happens to be out there also.  It would be cool if I caught an actual boat whizzing around the equipment. 

I couldn’t loiter around because I had someplace to get to but, I’ll be back here again ready to shoot.  I will do my homework on when the best light will be and be ready to shoot.  I’ll try and see if there are any events planned to happen on the lake.  I’ll have my longer lens with me and an assistant most likely.