Bill Mellett Photography

Using my own life's experiences as the canvas for my work.

Good night, sleep tight

The beginning of this year went by in a blur.  I was really busy on every level of my life.  My back burner was piled with figurative pots as one issue after another occupied my front burners.  Not my ideal situation. 
Flying by myself has always been one of those things that I value because it helps me to find center again.  When I’m done I find myself at peace again.  I usually realize that the noise of everyday life just seems to have washed away when I’m driving home later.  This is especially true when I get to see a nice sunrise or sunset.  I always sleep really well at night after having one of these days.
This image kind of reminds me of a town slipping into that kind of peace.  The sunlit jet contrails remind me of the last bit of the day’s craziness slipping away as the peaceful blue/green tones of a the night washes the noise and insanity of the day away. 
I could close my eyes right now.