Bill Mellett Photography

Using my own life's experiences as the canvas for my work.

Scenes from the Airport

I don’t think that it is any great secret that my other obsession is aviation. The places where my two passions meet are at the airport and in airplanes.

When my wife wakes up Sundays at 6:00 am to an empty bed then there is no question where I’ve disappeared to. I’ve probably taken the Cessna 150 out of the hangar for an early morning flight.

The first light in the morning and the last light of the day are good for both flying and for photography. In photography these points in time are called the “golden hours” because that is when the sun shines with a nice even golden glow. In aviation the mornings especially are the best to fly because the winds and the temperatures are the lowest. The sun hasn’t yet had a chance to warm up the earth and cause all of the thermal activity that causes wind and makes airfoil surfaces to be less effective.

Sometimes I can get back to the house before anyone else is even awake. That leaves the rest of the day for family time and honey-do’s.